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Law School Bootcamp

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$999 for full course:
20 hours of personal tutoring

Preparing students for first year of law school

A law student's performance during first year—and first semester, in particular—can have a significant impact on his or her legal career. Law review eligibility and summer associate opportunities, for example, depend largely on first-year grades.

While peristent application of good study habits is essential, the fact remains that, to a degree, everyone is in the same boat once classes begin: so many concepts, so little time. Most students will not be able to improve their basic skills—such as writing, reading comprehension, and test-taking—during this highly demanding experience.

Students who prepare in advance of first semester are therefore at a significant advantage over their unprepared peers. That's why we created the LSAPP Law School Bootcamp. It's the class we wish we'd had ourselves.

Bootcamp format: individual, one-to-one tutoring

Law School Bootcamp is a six-session, four-hours-per-session, personal tutoring package. Designed for students who have already been admitted but have not yet begun law school, the LSAPP introduces students to classic first-year topics.

We'll also touch on the law school experience to give students a broader sense of what lies ahead: law review, moot court, student organizations, volunteer opportunies, summer associate positions, internships, and other student activities.

Current and former students represent students or alumni from UCLA, USC, UCSB, UCI, Southwestern, Loyola, Pepperdine, Chapman, and other California schools as well as schools from other parts of the country, such as Harvard, Yale, Columbia, UVA, Emory, and Vanderbilt.

Developing law school skills

Preparation, not just information, is crucial to success in first year. Those individuals who prepare themselves mentally, physically, and logistically for this all-important year enjoy a greater likelihood of performing at their best on test day. Students must be ready not only to recall legal rules but to communicate articulately, even in the face of the inevitable uncertainty that arises when facing new fact patterns in law school exams.

The LSAPP Law School Bootcamp helps students prepare on many different levels, developing not only an academic knowledge base but also numerous skills that are integral to success.


What our students are saying

“You are really the best, and I look forward to working with you forever.”
~ LSAPP Law School Bootcamp student

“I got the best grade in my class in property (got some award) and the 4th best grade in civ pro. I wish you did a boot camp for second semester! I'd have taken it.”
~ LSAPP Law School Bootcamp student
(San Diego)

“I wanted to let you know that I won Best Brief and Best Oralist! really excited. thanks again!”
~ LSAPP Law School Bootcamp student

“You changed my life. I don't know how I can ever repay you.”
~ BarRev bar review private tutoring student
(Miami, Florida)

“Thank you for helping me.... I learned more in the first two-hour session than I did in my first-year legal writing course.”
~ BarRev California Bar Exam private tutoring student
(Los Angeles, California)

“[The LEX method] is friggin' genius. In approximately three hours of [tutoring] and then writing five essays on my own, I learned how to write [essays] confidently..., something that my law school could not teach me in three years.”
~ LEX BarRev California Bar Exam private tutoring student
(Los Angeles, California)

“You saved me that morning from an emotional breakdown!”
~ BarRev California Bar Exam private tutoring student
(Los Angeles, California)